Months of university research and a lot of practise to solve any problem

As intolerants for ages and tired of products unable to solve lactose intolerance, we started asking
questions to both experts and ourselves...

Is it possible that doesn't exist a way to improve our condition of being intolerants?
What are the effects of lactase enzyme on food?
How can we improve our intestinal absorption?
How can we avoid to forget our pills when going out?

After having collected and examined more than three hundred questionaires, we got to work.

It has been a long, hard job...but is known that great results require great efforts.

We managed to make a highly concentrated supplement removing the trouble to take 5 or 6 pills for
a single ice cream. We succed in concentrating such a large amount of enzyme in only one
odorless and tasteless pill of seven mm diameter so that to forget intake nuisance.

We have revolutionized the idea of supplement transportability devising a practical, fine, convenient
and safe pillcase removing the thought of carrying something that makes us feel unconfortable.

We have started a correct and helpful information along with support and assistance addressed to
anyone who is lactose intolerant through our BLOG making up for the lack of reliable information
that distinguishes this field


LACTOSOLUTION Team, pronti a risolvere la tua intolleranza al lattosio

Maria Corlianò - Pharmacist - Advisor

"Maria, can I actually take dairy products thanks to the enzyme?"

- As a pharmacist I can say: yes.

The lactase enzyme splits lactose into glucose and galactose just like our body is naturally able to do. When there is a deficiency in the enzyme, that is the molecule with the function to digest lactose, nothing prevents us from integrating it with oral intake. You can indulge in a meal where lactose is present together with your friends, being free from anxiety!


Milagros Alexandra Peña Almidon - Pharmaceutical Chemist - Advisor

"Milagros, why must I trust lactose enzyme?"

- As chemist for medicine products, I can state that the lactase enzyme is an enzyme naturally produced by our body and its external intake causes no negative effect in those people who suffer from its lack. Consult our Blog to have more information and remember, if you have any questions, we will answer.


Marco Verducci - General Manager & Founder

Experiences: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ariston Thermo

Education: Mind The Bridge Startup School, MBA ISTAO, Engineering

"Marco, why this business?"

- As a lactose intolerant, I don't like limiting my food choices and giving people the impression of having special needs. Moreover, intolerance is not often perceived as a personal problem but as a vice. Using lactose enzyme pills, I have regained the happiness of staying with my friends. But, not satisfied with the supplements in commerce, I have decided to create a new product and to supply the people with the same problem I have with easily understandable information about the use of the enzyme so that they may enjoy any type of food again. I hope you will like our blog, you can find a lot of good tips there.


Patrizia Danese - Marketing Manager & Founder

Yannick Fotio - Product Manager & Founder