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Our Lactose Intolerance Solution:

Why is the best

Created thanks to you, according to lean startup logic

Highly effective, covers a full meal!
15'000 FCC of Lactase Enzyme from Aspergillus Oryzae + Calcium, useful for the functionality of the enzyme.

You will never forget it at home!
Thanks to the pill box with key ring, resistant to SHOCK, WATER, UV RAYS.

Quick effect!
1 tiny tablet taken immediately before a meal ensures proper digestion of lactose in 3 courses.

LACTOSOLUTION 15000 is the innovative food supplement in tablets - not a drug! - with a high concentration, to be taken together with a meal containing lactose to digest it without worries.
It is safe, registered with the Ministry of Health with number 111389, has no contraindications or side effects.

The only product with 150 mg of lactase enzyme per dose, with an enzyme efficacy of 15,000 FCC ALU!

Did you see what a revolution?

LACTOSOLUTION 15000 has a very practical aluminum pillbox, waterproof and with key ring.
You no longer have to remember to take and carry the supplement with you before you leave the house.
Goodbye bulky blisters in your pocket. Farewell to jars. You will not feel different from others with LACTOSOLUTION 15000.

Try our product and forget you are intolerant!

Already customer?

Discover the new refill packs of 75 tablets!

With the 2 x 75 cpr offer you will spend only 37 euro cents per meal, there is no better on the market!

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