FAQ: Frequently asked questions about lactose intolerance and LACTOSOLUTION 15000

Here you can find answers to the many questions you may have about us, our product and lactose intolerance. Frequently Asked Questions are in fact the real questions that people ask us via the Facebook page, Instagram, in chat or live at fairs and in shops. Click on a question below to see the answer. 

What is Lactosolution 15000?

Lactosolution 15000 is a food supplement with lactase and calcium enzyme. The lactase enzyme helps digest lactose in lactose intolerant people. Calcium helps the enzyme in its effectiveness.

The blue pill box you see in the photos is a nice container that you can always keep with you in your bag or pocket, perhaps hooked to your keys. Inside it there are 15 small but highly effective tablets .. it will be enough to take one before a meal to avoid digestive problems even in cases of severe intolerance (95% of people who have tried it are enthusiastic about Lactosolution 15000 ).

Lactosolution 15000 is your ally against lactose intolerance, it is the product designed specifically for you that allows you to eat at home or away from home in a free and carefree way.

When and how should I take the tablet?

The tablet should be taken before a meal with lactose, ingesting it with the help of a little water (there are those who can even manage without water as the tablet is really small). There are no contraindications even in chewing it.

To maximize efficacy, the tablet should be taken whole about 15 minutes before a lactose-containing meal. Customer feedback indicates that efficacy is usually ensured even by taking the tablet at the same time as ingesting food.

The best times for taking are therefore from 30 minutes before until the time of the meal.

If you have already eaten a dish with lactose and were able to take the Lactosolution 15000 supplement only afterwards, don't despair, it will still help you in digestion even if the effects of intolerance could be more easily perceived.

How many tablets can i take?

Since the lactase enzyme is a safe product, European legislation does not provide for any intake limits.

The recommended daily dose on the label is 1 tablet. However, the Ministry of Health, with the following circular, does not impose an intake limit regarding the lactase enzyme.

LINK: https://www.salute.gov.it/imgs/C_17_pagineAree_1268_listaFile_itemName_4_file.pdf

The concentration of lactase enzyme in our supplement is however very high and, usually, it is sufficient to take 1 tablet 15 minutes before a meal to digest the lactose contained in food.

How long does the effect last?

The enzyme remains in the intestine for about 2 hours after taking. However, it is most effective between 15 and 60 minutes after ingesting the Lactosolution tablet.

Unlike other supplements, ours can therefore be taken at the same time or shortly before the meal and under normal conditions it covers all lunch or dinner.

We have news of coverage of wedding lunches (from appetizer to dessert). We recommend that you go by trial and error, without exaggerating, because each organism has its own times.

For a pizza or an ice cream, how do I do it?

Simple, sit down at the table with friends and when you have decided which pizza to order, immediately take a tablet of Lactosolution 15000. Have you chosen a 4-cheese pizza (lots of lactose) or maybe you have also had a dessert? Well, take another tablet when you leave the table at the end of the meal so as not to have problems.

Same thing for ice cream, if you are walking and you want a nice artisan cone rich in lactose, you will surely have the trusty Lactosolution 15000 in your pocket or purse and then you just need to take a tablet immediately to enjoy the moment.

The sooner you take the tablet, the better the effectiveness (but do not exceed 30 minutes early).

Can I use Lactosolution to digest the lactose present in medicines?

Yes. Unfortunately, many medicines contain lactose. Examples can be antibiotics or birth control pills.

If you have been prescribed a drug containing lactose do not be afraid, take 1 tablet of Lactosolution 15000 a few minutes before taking the capsule or tablet of the drug.

What is the composition? Is there gluten or lactose?

Lactosolution 15000 has a very simple and effective composition. The chemical formulation is designed to provide only the lactase enzyme, without other active ingredients that may not be useful to everyone.

The addition of calcium (in a small part, as an excipient) helps the enzymatic efficacy of the same enzyme.

The product is GLUTEN FREE and LACTOSE FREE.

The active ingredient is therefore the lactase enzyme from Aspergillus Oryzae 100,000 ALU / g.

The added excipients are the molecules useful to "keep the tablet compact". We use the following, all not known as allergens or cause of intolerances: potato starch, calcium phosphate and microcrystalline cellulose which are two bulking agents and finally magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide which are two anti-caking agents.

What problems can I have while taking the supplement?

Lactosolution itself has no contraindications and does not entail any consequences or side effects.

The effectiveness, that is the digestion capacity of lactose, varies from person to person, in fact it is very subjective.

The goal of a lactase enzyme supplement is to allow you to eat lactose-containing food without rushing to the bathroom or having the classic acute symptoms shortly after a meal. This does not mean that it is able to eliminate all ailments.

In about 30% of cases, in fact, the day after the meal there is some abdominal swelling and less formed stools than usual or constipation. These are bearable annoyances when compared to the classic ones of intolerance such as diarrhea, flatulence, abdominal cramps, dizziness, headache.

In about 5% of cases, heavier discomfort may still occur but interviews indicate that they occur due to an excessively unbalanced diet in the previous days. I invite you to read the article in our BLOG "How to test the lactase enzyme" to understand how and when to take the supplement safely.

Can I take Lactosolution when pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, the lactase enzyme is normally produced by our body so it has no contraindications of any kind, not even during pregnancy or breastfeeding. As always, it is advisable to refer to a good specialist doctor who is aware of food supplements and their formulations for an external opinion.

Is it a drug? Do you need a prescription?

No. Lactosolution 15000 is a nutritional supplement, not a drug, and therefore does not need any medical prescription. Some specialist doctors are beginning to recommend it because they have sensed the value of the product, they could issue a medical "prescription" but which has no fiscal value.

Can I give it to my baby?

Yes, the lactase enzyme has no age restrictions. To avoid misuse or unsafe intake, Lactosolution 15000 should not be handled by children under 3 years of age, to whom it can only be administered by an adult.

Is it possible to have a lactase overdose?

No, the excess amount of lactase is naturally excreted from our body.

Do not be afraid, there is no abuse of Lactosolution 15000. This document of the Italian Ministry of Health indicates the lack of use limit for the enzyme lactase: https://www.salute.gov.it/imgs/C_17_pagineAree_1268_listaFile_itemName_4_file.pdf

Do I lose effectiveness by taking the supplement often?

No, there is no lactase enzyme addiction, i.e. the effect does not decrease or increase in relation to the quantities taken.

We recommend alternating between lactose-free and lactose-free foods. Lactose digestion is very subjective but eating lactose-containing food every day can easily cause symptoms of indigestion, making enzyme tablets seem less effective.

I found some damaged tablets, what do I do?

Sometimes some tablets in the pill box could be damaged or broken due to the pressure of the cap and the not always delicate transport of couriers (especially happens with purchases through Amazon).

Don't worry, the tablets are homogeneous in their composition so you can use them safely.

If you want to send us photos via our social channels or by email, we can still send you a discount for your next purchase!

If, on the other hand, you should find other anomalies or quality problems (foreign bodies, strange colors, illegible leaflet - hypothesis never happened so far) contact us immediately and, if the conditions are right, we will replace the product.

Is it safe?

Lactosolution 15000 complies with the European guidelines on the composition of food supplements and has been notified to the Italian Ministry of Health in order to be marketed.

Authorization number 111389, verifiable in the national register HERE: https://www.salute.gov.it/portale/temi/p2_6.jsp?id=3668&area=Alimenti%20particolari%20e%20integratori&menu=registri

It is therefore safe, has no contraindications or side effects. The aluminum pillbox is also resistant to water, dust and sunlight. Don't worry about always carrying it with you!

How long do the tablets last? Is there an expiration date?

The package shows the date by which it is preferable to consume the product in order not to be ineffective. This date is currently 36 months (3 years) from the batch production date.

Lactase is a stable enzyme at normal temperatures and the tablets are very compact and therefore the product hardly deteriorates.

Why do some supplements turn yellow over time but Lactosolution doesn't?

If you have purchased lactase enzyme tablets from other brands, you will surely have noticed how some turn yellow as the days go by. Other tablets, on the other hand, break down, generating "dust" inside the jar.

This aspect guarantees the quality of Lactosolution 15000. In fact, by using lactase enzyme that is stable over time and from a safe source, you can see for yourself how our tablets are:

  1. Whiter and do not change color.
  2. Smaller and tasteless.
  3. Resistant, remaining compact even when subjected to hard efforts.

The use of these high quality ingredients, the processing on new generation machines capable of putting a lot of pressure on the preparation, a scrupulous human control make the product Premium. Be careful what you ingest ... your body is only one ... treat it best with products at your equal level!

Why can't I find Lactosolution 15000 in all pharmacies?

We are working to make good commercial agreements for the distribution of the product throughout the national territory. It is not an easy step to take and requires huge investments.

This is why you may not yet find us in your trusted pharmacy yet.

To date we have coverage in the points of sale you find on this page: https://www.nutra-solutions.com/en/where-to-find-us

If you know a shop or a pharmacy that would be happy to offer our customers our innovative product, ask the owner to contact us through the "Collaborations" page of our website or through our official Facebook page.

How does the online purchase work?

Buying our products from the web shop is not difficult. Let's outline the steps:

  1. Go to the shop page (www.lactosolution.com/shop);
  2. Select the product you want to buy (click with the mouse or tap on the phone's touchscreen);
  3. Scroll through the product information until you find the "Add to cart" button (from the PC it is immediately on the right, from the smartphone it is at the bottom of the page);
  4. Click on "View cart" in the pop-up that opens;
  5. Click on "Buy";
  6. Fill in the shipment details;
  7. Click "Continue";
  8. Choose the shipping method (Online is for purchases with Paypal or credit card, Offline is for cash on delivery);
  9. Click "Continue";
  10. Enter the payment details;
  11. Click "Continue";
  12. Check the box "I accept the terms and conditions";
  13. Click "Submit order".
I don't feel safe buying the product online.

Don't be afraid to buy the product through our WEB site. The payment system complies with the highest security standards, as per European legislation on electronic commerce.

We only use traceable and reliable methods for payment. We do not process payments with PostePay top-ups precisely because they are considered unsafe. In fact, you can pay with PayPal, credit card or cash on delivery. If you select the "Cash on Delivery" shipping method, be careful to choose "Offline" as the payment method, otherwise shipping costs are not included and you will be contacted after the order to change the payment method or enter the difference due. If you want to pay by bank transfer or postal order you can contact us both before and after the order (by choosing "Offline" payment and we will send you the details for the payment.

Buying online is not only safe but also advantageous !

The thickness for the product is on average 15% less than the price of the physical store and, in addition, we often send discount codes to celebrate special occasions.

Do supplements like Lactosolution 15000 enjoy tax deductions?

With resolution no. 256 / E of 2008, the Revenue Agency specified that "Food supplements are administered, essentially, for treatments aimed at optimizing nutritional intake and improving physiological conditions, without being considered as medicines.

Because of their composition, supplements qualify, in fact, as products belonging to the food area ", and for this reason they are not deductible.

No expenditure for the purchase of nutritional supplements is therefore allowed in the calculation of tax discounts in the UNICO or 730 forms.

Be wary of supplement products that advertise deductibility ... or are fraudulent advertisements or the product is classified as a drug based on some active ingredient or excipient used. We prefer to supply the body with pure lactase enzyme only, without worries!

How does shipping work?

We process the order in 1 working day after which we ship and the shipment takes on average 2 working days to reach its destination. Packages are tracked and we will send you the tracking code after shipment.

Attention, the package can be left by the postman directly in the letter box so pay attention to the bottom of the box before alarming us about a non-delivery!

Currently our shipping service provider is Poste Italiane, which is better for small size shipments like our products. If you need additional guarantees or courier shipping please do not hesitate to contact us before placing your order.

The standard cost is € 2.99 for small orders. The cost for the cash on delivery is € 6.99.

The shipping costs are counted in the shopping cart of our online shop once you proceed with the purchase.

What is the single-dose sachet of Lactosolution 15000?

First in the world, we invented the single-dose sachet with 1 single tablet of lactase enzyme that can be sold individually. This means that soon you can easily go to your favorite bar or ice cream parlor and find Lactosolution 15000 there, in single dose format, to be taken before the delicious morning breakfast pasta or ice cream (obviously with lactose).

This format is also what we provide as a sample for new customers.

Interested merchants can contact us on the "Collaborations" page.

How can I get a sample if I don't want to buy?

You may have the option to request a free sample, try seeing the "Sample" or "Gift" section in the menu.

Being a startup it is very important for us to raise funds ... don't hesitate to buy the product if you feel confident!

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