Do you finally have the chance to try your first lactase enzyme supplement for lactose intolerant?


It means that you can go back to eating foods you have long deprived of! It will not be difficult to do this but it is good to know how our body reacts to lactose and the lactase enzyme to be sure that the supplement is effective.

How to take lactase enzyme for lactose intolerance? What to watch out for? How to know if the supplement is right for us?

Understanding the effectiveness of a lactase enzyme supplement is not trivial ... in fact there are many factors that affect its effectiveness and, above all, it is difficult to understand if a symptom, pain, discomfort is due to lactose or another factor triggering.

Our body accumulates the substances we ingest and when it reaches saturation, that is, to be "full" of that substance, it can manifest symptoms that are difficult to identify.

In this article we are going to define a simple guideline to "try", to "test" lactase enzyme supplements correctly , with the aim of determining the effectiveness of a product correctly.

The following applies to all lactase enzyme supplements . We remind you that the supplement Lactosolution 15000 is highly effective (15'000 FCC), therefore only 1 tablet will be enough for the test, it has no side effects, has no contraindications and can be taken by adults and children (for children under 3 years of age). of age must be administered by an adult).

First choose the right day!

Make sure you haven't come from "heavy" lunches or dinners in the past 24 hours.

Also stay away from medical treatment, especially antibiotics. The latter can decimate the intestinal bacterial flora and without external support (bacterial flora supplements) can leave imbalances for months.

Avoid exposure to excessive heat or cold and avoid particularly stressful days. Strong emotional reactions such as college exams, quarrels, physical exertion, and work tensions greatly affect our second brain: the gut.

On the day of taking the lactase enzyme for your lactose intolerance you must be careful not to ingest:

  1. Fried foods / alcohol / coffee / hot milk / chocolate / chili / pistachios / spinach / canned vegetables / lentils / chickpeas / beans / figs / pineapple / pears
  2. Foods you already know cause discomfort to your body (not related to lactose)

All these substances can be included in the subsequent tests but avoid them during the first approach otherwise you could have discomfort that you could mistakenly attribute to the failure of the enzymatic tablet.

It is useful to note how alkalizing foods attenuate the effectiveness of the lactase enzyme precisely because of the pH variation they cause inside the stomach ( LINK for further information ).

Among them we find: grapes, spinach, celery, carrots, dried figs, cucumbers, bean sprouts, lettuce, radishes, cabbage, cauliflower and mushrooms. There are also alkalizing seasonings such as ginger, chili, curry, sage, rosemary, fennel seeds, and cumin seeds.

It is therefore advisable to moderate the intake of these substances while using lactase enzyme supplements.

Following a correct diet guarantees the right predisposition to absorb lactose and determines the difference between a happy or ailing intestine.

Personal parenthesis

-I have had a particular discomfort for almost 2 years (not related to lactose) without understanding why. You can imagine how many drugs and supplements I have been prescribed, only making the situation worse. I realized what they were due to by chance ... I had to go to China for six months and the symptom disappeared. I returned to Italy and within 3 days the symptom reappeared!

After a few minutes of reflection I came to the conclusion: the fault was of our beloved and apparently harmless PASTA. In fact, it was not present at all in the Chinese diet, rich instead of rice.

By eliminating the pasta I did not have the discomfort, eating it yes. Slowly I realized that wholemeal or kamut pasta does not cause me any trouble. I have read articles that talk about particular toxic substances in some pasta brands .. I did not understand which ones I am particularly sensitive to but from this experience I understood that we are in everything and for everything we eat . And I practically eliminated white durum wheat pasta from my diet.

Third point of attention: respect the specifications reported on the leaflet.

The time of recruitment is also important. Lactosolution 15000 , for example, is highly effective and has a fast effect. This means that you just have to take the tablet a few minutes before a meal.

Other supplements must be taken an hour before or more, so always pay attention to the "leaflet".

When you are faced with the choice of supplement to buy remember that the active ingredient makes the difference!

Pills, tablets for lactose intolerance, how to take the enzyme Pills, tablets for lactose intolerance, how to take the enzyme

To break down lactose, the lactase enzyme is better than the beta-galactosidase enzyme, pay attention to the composition of the tablets (here the LINK for further information on the active ingredients used).

Is one test enough?

If the first test did not go very well and you suffered from some abdominal cramps, reserve a couple of days of diet with natural foods, not packaged and without the above substances and then do a second test with a different food and alone , such as for example a mozzarella or an ice cream.

If in doubt, ask your doctor for help and always use common sense.

By following these simple tips you will be thrilled with your new supplement!

Bottom line ... don't overdo it the day before taking a new supplement and just eat one lactose-containing food for the test.

As you become familiar with the supplement and are not affected by the usual effects of intolerance, you can increase the amount of lactose and insert foods that are gradually "heavier" for the body.

Try and retry lactose intolerance, how to take the enzyme Try and try again lactose intolerance, how to take the enzyme

Remember that activated charcoal and fennel tea are two essential allies to manage your intestines well.

If in doubt, always ask your doctor for help and use common sense ... you will be thrilled with your new supplement!

Looking for other answers? Visit our BLOG ! and our FAQ page.

If you have received a free sample of Lactosolution 15000 please try it as soon as possible. For us it is an investment of time and money ... do not deceive us and go back to eating freely!

And if you feel comfortable, you can buy here .

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