Finally, the condition of lactose intolerance begins to be taken seriously and many companies have launched products to help us survive from foods with lactose. It is not easy to choose the right product , let's see why.

There are many lactase enzyme supplements available in the market and they are also many different.

Some of them have a higher price per pack. Because? Is it just marketing?

What to read on the label? Is the quantity of active ingredient in a food supplement important for lactose maldigestion?

Let's study together which are the most convenient and effective food supplements!

We have already talked HERE about which are the most used active ingredients in the war against lactose intolerance and how some manufacturers do not clarify the difference between Beta-galactosidase and Lactase, leaving the discovery of the products on our skin.

We recall in this regard that Lactase is more specific as it only breaks down the lactose molecule without wasting energy by breaking up other molecules unnecessarily. With the same FCC therefore a supplement with Beta-Galactosidase ( EC number ) will be less effective than one that uses Lactase ( EC number ).

Another trick to make a product appear more effective than the competition is to show on the product packaging the table of characteristic values not for 1 single tablet (or capsule) but for a higher dose, for example 2 tablets.

Lawful practice, of course, but which could cause some confusion for the inexperienced user.

In fact, it happens more and more often to see written, in some packages of food supplements, for example:

"Values for recommended daily dose (2 tablets): Lactase 9000 Units"

Here is where the mess is made .. the normal user does not pay attention to the item "(2 tablets)" and so he finds himself buying (and perhaps paying dearly) a product that contains only 4500 FCC of Lactase per single tablet . At the time of the lactose meal, he will probably take 1 tablet instead of 2 and could suffer from the pains of lactose maldigestion, or he will have to take the 2 tablets, as indicated on the label, with consequent greater economic expense per single meal.

Let's get to the heart: below is the summary table that shows the convenience of the products on the market based on an enzymatic activity of 15,000 FCC.

Why do we take the reference to 15,000 FCC? We understood, thanks to the answers received in the questionnaires, thanks to the discussions in Facebook groups and thanks to the comparison with foreign products that, to have a good digestion of the ingested lactose, it seems it is better to take lactase for an enzymatic efficacy greater than 10'000 FCC.

This is why we take 15,000 FCC of enzymatic functionality as a reference, a value corresponding to a quantity of enzyme capable of digesting lactose well, leaving very little or no discomfort due to intolerance and able to free the user from the annoying calculation of how many tablets or how many capsules to take with each meal to feel good.

It is clear that taking a single tablet for lactose maldigestion is easier than taking three, with the fear of miscalculating and risking cramps and abdominal pain. With net savings also for the wallet!

The products for lactose intolerance presented below are sorted by cost based on effectiveness, that is, which supplement has a lower cost for an effectiveness such as to cope with a complete meal (comparable for us to 15,000 FCC).

The columns represent the following values:

1st column: commercial name of the product and manufacturer
2nd column: active ingredient used
3rd column: single dose format (capsules, tablets ..)
4th column: FCC equivalent (efficacy) for single dose (tablet or capsule)
5th column: number of single doses for each package
6th column: list price of a product package
7th column: price for each single dose of the product (1 tablet, 1 capsule ..)
8th column: relative price (calculated) for lunch or dinner in order to have as few disturbances as possible or reaching an efficacy of 15,000 FCC (to do this, more than one dose must therefore be taken if the single tablet or capsule does not arrive to 15000 FCC).

Dietary Supplements Table - ranking convenience effectiveness

So a product sold at a low price is not necessarily advantageous. The lactase enzyme content must be checked.

For example, the 8 Euro list of the food supplement Mill & Joy by TEVA (publicly visible online) in the format of 20 tablets make the package one of the cheapest in circulation . Inside we find precisely 20 tablets, or 40 euro cents per tablet . For each tablet there are 4550 FCC of enzymatic activity given by the active ingredient Beta-galactosidase , which means that for an enzymatic activity comparable to 15000 FCC we should take from 2 to 3 tablets. The total expenditure per meal in this case ranges from 0.80 to 1.2 euros.

So pay attention to product labels!

The table shown is clearly an example of what we can find on the market today. It does not claim to be exhaustive, also because new supplements come out very often. Therefore, please refer to a personal search for further information and more up-to-date comparisons, as well as the opinion of your doctor - better if a gastroenterologist trained on the subject - for any doubts.

Let's now make some more specific considerations regarding the food supplements for lactose intolerance listed in the table . We continue in order of ranking, or better effectiveness for investment (convenience).

LACTOSOLUTION 15000, the most convenient for an effectiveness of 15'000 FCC in the pack of 150 tablets, 39 euro cents for 15'000 FCC (1 tablet).

Italian, active ingredient Lactase, 15,000 FCC per tablet, only one tablet for each meal.

Packaging: 150 tablets at 57.99 Euro (online exclusive, offer 2 x 75 tablets), 75 tablets at 39.99 Euro, 30 tablets at 19.90 (pharmacy exclusive) and 15 tablets at 17.49 Euro (in E- commerce normally discounted by 10%).
Simple formulation, in order to have an effective product with tiny tablets (7 mm in diameter) and deliberately tasteless in order not to spoil the taste of the dishes you are about to eat.

The tablets are very resistant, this is because they are specially designed to travel "without crumbling" with the transportable package. In fact, in the 15 tablet format, there is a convenient pill box with key ring, impossible to forget at home, so as not to carry annoying blisters or canned packs when you go out to dinner with your partner or lunch with colleagues. of work. The Lactosolution 15000 package is also waterproof (submersible up to 1 meter in water), anti-dust and anti-UV. The pack of 15 tablets can be found further in the ranking with a price per tablet of € 1.17 which, however, presents, in addition to the tablets, the aforementioned pillbox with key ring. To save money, you must then opt for refill jars.

How to use: 1 tablet to be taken immediately before a meal.

Sales channel: mainly online (proprietary site + Amazon), it is possible to order it in most pharmacies in central-southern Italy and buy it directly in some selected points of sale ( here the map ).

To buy it click HERE .

Lactosolution, first place with € 0.39 per meal

Lactojoy runner-up

Lactojoy , German, also transportable package but without key ring (remember to put it in your pocket every time you go out).

Packaging : 45 tablets at 17.99 euros. The formulation is simple and the tablets are very small even if, in our test, a little floury (in the blister they "make dust" after a few days of transport). Excellent cost for effectiveness, 41 euro cents for 15000 FCC (1 tablet is 14500 FCC, so you only need to take 1 tablet).

How to use: 1 or more tablets to be taken a few minutes before a meal.

Sales channel: in Italy exclusively online (Amazon).

Lactosolv , jar packaging for a Beta-galactosidase supplement.

Packaging: 30 capsules for 14.52 euros.

Great cost for effectiveness, 41 Euro cents for 15000 FCC (1 capsule of 17500 FCC, only 1 capsule is enough). Lactosolv capsules are non-chewable and are medium in size.

How to use: 1 capsule every 600 ml of milk.

Sales channel: in some pharmacies and online.

Lactosolv third place

Lactoint 10000, off the podium

Lactoint Diecimila , a new formulation for Lactoint which goes from 4500 in 2018 to 10000 this year.

Packaging : 30 capsules at 17.50 euros. Non-transportable packaging (blister), and cost for effectiveness 44 Euro cents for 15000 FCC but non-divisible capsules therefore either 1 (29 Euro cents with 10000 FCC effectiveness) or 2 (58 Euro cents with 20000 FCC of effectiveness).

Lactoint Diecimila (or Lactoint 10000) capsules are resistant to gastric acids. This should allow greater effectiveness but involves taking the supplement not immediately before the meal containing lactose (from directions for use). Inside it also has vitamin D3, coriander and acacia fiber.

How to use: 1 capsule 20/30 minutes before a meal.

Sales channel: media distribution in pharmacies, present online.

Mill & Joy , a new product launched at the end of 2018 by the famous TEVA.

Packaging : 100 tablets for 20.00 Euros 20 tablets for 8.00 Euros.

In the 100 tablet format there are 66 Euro cents for 15,000 FCC effectiveness (3 tablets of 22 cents each), in the 20 tablet format the cost goes to 1.32 Euro for the high effectiveness of 15,000 FCC (3 tablets of around 40 Euro cents each). Active ingredient chosen by Mill and Joy is Beta-galactosidase. The TEVA product packaging is a standard bottle.

How to use: 1 to 5 tablets before a meal containing lactose.

Sales channel: strong distribution in pharmacies, present online.

Warning ... among the excipients there is the sweetener xylitol which, according to the literature, can cause digestive problems.

Mill & Joy, just marketing?

Lactase by Yamamoto research is a new product, available online, highly effective (each tablet has 15,000 FCC) and uses Beta-galactosidase as the active ingredient.

Packaging : 30 capsules at 22.99 euros.

The cost per effectiveness comparable to 15,000 FCC reaches 77 euro cents (1 tablet).

How to use: 1 or 2 capsules a day 30 minutes before a meal.

Sales channel: the presence in the pharmacy is not known, it is present online on the proprietary website.

Digesì 9000 is a product with medium effectiveness, 9000 FCC in fact. Take advantage of the lactase and the 30 tablets in the blister have a cost of 53 euro cents each or 89 euro cents for an effectiveness comparable to our reference of 15000 FCC.

Packaging : 30 tablets at 16.00 Euros

How to use: 1 tablet with the first bite, followed by other tablets according to the meal.

Sales channel: on average widespread in pharmacies, present online.

Digesi 9000, almost € 0.90 per meal

Milk Digest supports Digesi 9000

Milk Digest (Long Life) comes with a brightly colored bottle. The tablets are 5'000 FCC each and the active ingredient is Beta-Galactosidase.

Packaging : 60 tablets at 17.80 euros. For an efficiency comparable to 15,000 FCC you need 89 euro cents per meal.

It can be found in the pharmacy.

It is vanilla flavored and can be too sweet in flavor before a salty meal.

Lactosì by Naturando is another product that uses Beta-galactosidase as an active ingredient.

Packaging : 20 capsules at 18.00 Euro.

The cost per capsule is close to 90 Euro cents (comparable to 96 Euro cents for 15000 FCC since the capsules are declared by 14000 FCC). Lactosì also has fennel and caraway inside.

How to use: 1 tablet for 20 g of lactose (400 ml milk)

Sales channel: on average widespread in pharmacies, present online.

From here on, more than 1 Euro per meal

Equilibria's Lactose Digestion can easily be found in large-scale distribution (large organized distribution) or supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Packaging : 20 tablets at 7.50 euros.

The formulation provides Beta-galactosidase for 4500 FCC in each tablet. This implies an amount of 1.29 Euros for a complete meal with lactose (effectiveness 15,000 FCC).

Nolact Plus is another Beta-galactosidase dietary supplement.

Packaging : 30 tablets at 19.50 euros.

7500 FCC per tablet, the cost to have efficacy similar to 15000 FCC is 1.30 Euros per meal. Nolact Plus features fennel oil added in its formulation.

Prolife zero lactose from Zeta Pharmaceuticals also takes advantage of Beta-galactosidase and adds lactobacillus in the formulation.

Packaging : 30 capsules at 12.00 Euros.

The price of Prolife zero lactose for effectiveness of 15000 FCC, reaches 1.33 Euro (3 capsules of 40 cents of Euro approximately).

How to use: 2 capsules before or during meals, up to 4 capsules per day.

Silact Fast by Sofar is a food supplement that contains Beta-galactosidase.

Packaging : 30 tablets for € 19.90.

The price for effectiveness of 15000 FCC results from the calculations of 1.49 Euro (3 tablets of Silact Fast of 4500 FCC each).

Pergill Kombo (Akkadeas Pharma), can usually be found in pharmacies on request.

Packaging : 40 capsules at € 17.95.

It has Beta-galactosidase as an active ingredient and the cost for 15000 FCC of effectiveness is 1.5 Euro (more than 3 capsules to be taken per meal).

Sinaire Combi is a Beta-galactosidase-based product from Alfasigma.

Packaging : 30 tablets at 14.60 euros.

1.62 Euros to reach an effectiveness similar to 15000 FCC, with each tablet of 4500 FCC. It also contains Aplha-galactosidase. Attention, Sinaire Combi has sweeteners in its composition.

Zymerex intolerances is becoming famous thanks to the TV campaign launched in May 2020.

Packaging : 20 tablets at 11.90 euros.

The package comes with a classic blister of 20 tablets. Each tablet contains a mix of enzymes to aid digestion. It is not specific only for lactose and in fact provides a medium-low intake of Beta-galactosidase enzyme (5300 FCC per capsule). For this reason, the price for a full meal is 1.68 euros.

Lacdigest by Italchimici, a famous drug (not a dietary supplement) that we have already discussed, is the most used product because it is more present in pharmacies and in the information network in medical offices.

Packaging : 50 tablets at 15.25 euros.

Lacdigest (some write Lactdigest erroneously) 'a historical product, based on Beta-D-galactosidase (Tylactase), with small but very floury tablets to our test (they make dust). The jar is small. It has a cost, for effectiveness comparable to 15,000 FCC, of 1.4 €. It usually represents the access product of lactose intolerant people to the world of lactase supplementation. The tablets are from 2250 FCC.

Click HERE if you want to read more about Lacdigest.

Enzyformula by Guna is another multi-enzyme supplement therefore not specific only for lactose.

Packaging : 20 tablets at 16.20 euros.

The package contains 20 tablets in blisters. The exact quantity of Lactase is not indicated in the package leaflet but the total mixture of enzymes with 200 mg for 2 tablets (therefore 100 mg for one tablet) is shown. Assuming 25 mg of lactase titrated at 100,000 ALU / g per tablet, we can define an efficacy contribution of 2500 FCC. That is 4.86 Euros per complete meal with an effectiveness comparable to 15,000 FCC.

Digerlat comes with a bottle of

30 capsules reversed.

Packaging : 30 tablets at 18.00 Euro.

The price is 6 Euros (10 capsules) for an effectiveness similar to 15'000 FCC, in fact the capsules with lactase are 1500 FCC and are 60 euro cents each. It should be emphasized that the formulation is enriched with various Lactobacilli that help the intestine not only for lactose.

After this roundup of products all that remains is to enter the purchase link to the food supplement for lactose maldigestion which is more convenient from this study: Lactosolution 15000 (click here) .

Hope you enjoyed this article, please feel free to leave me any questions or new product suggestions in the comment field!

Good eat with lactose!

Please note:

The values reported in this article vary over time and are cited only for the purpose of studying the specific context of the food supplement market for the digestion of lactose. The prices shown are those in the public domain, available online, as well as the characteristics of the products, the ingredients, and the methods of use. Any errors, omissions or variations of the products and their specificities are to be understood as mere inattention, failure to update or unavailability at the time of writing the article. Any improvements can be communicated in the specific contact forms on the website.

The assumed quantities per meal may be higher than those indicated by the manufacturer / trader of the product itself. These quantities are intended as a comparison to products with a higher concentration of active ingredient, where typically it is enough to take 1 tablet per meal. It is recommended to always follow the manufacturer's instructions and not to exceed the recommended daily doses (refer to the packaging or to the manufacturers' original information material). It is recommended to rely on a specialist doctor for any doubt or further information.

Prices source: Google shopping,, producers' websites.

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